A few years ago Zero Waste Trend was born, and it became a community that starts living without creating waste and embracing a completely sustainable lifestyle. But is a waste-free life really possible? Let’s see it together!

This trend presupposes that an individual lives his life without making waste, self-producing some products at home, eliminating disposable products, and preferring products at zero distance! In fact, this community has started creating pages and groups on social networks to share their eco-friendly advice.

This lifestyle, however, is often difficult to achieve and very challenging. However, it is possible to drastically reduce our waste and help the environment.

One of the wastes that most afflicts our ecosystem is plastic, which is extremely present in the packaging of the products we buy daily. A small step in fact is to eliminate it from our shopping: plastic bottles, containers, disposable cutlery, straws and much more, are easily replaced with reusable products, which are also cheaper and more durable!

Another idea to reduce our environmental impact is to create our own garden and have our fruits and vegetables always at our disposal.

Unitekno is constantly committed to reducing the environmental impact, our water purifiers have allowed the reduction of more than 73 million plastic bottles.

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