After working from childhood in his father’s company, Gaudenzio Bartolini, the youngest son of Villelmo, founded his creation: Unitekno.

Two iconic products are created: the “Pulistiro”, an innovative steam generator with a powerful internal boiler that gives it the capability of cleaning and ironing, and the “Drago”, a small and handy professional iron.

Luca and Villelmo, Gaudenzio’s eldest sons, join the company. This is the time at which Unitekno becomes international: from Japan to Europe and the United States, the brand becomes synonymous with quality and reliability from one side of the world to the other.

The use of expanded polystyrene is banned from the packaging of all products, ahead of the times and showing a vision of the present with an eye on the future.

The steam vacuum cleaners are created. The Unitekno product range expands with a new line dedicated to filtering with an innovative water system, certified by Italian and foreign laboratories and bodies.

The company expands and moves to the Foligno plant. The headquarters is surrounded by 20,000 square meters of park land, a part of which is used as a corporate biological vegetable garden. Inside, thoughtful use of space and lighting is designed to make the environment effective and functional for employees and visitors alike. ISO 9001 certification was awarded in the same year.

Is the year of Magnetoenergy, the medical devices for magnetotherapy become part of the Unitekno product range. The intuition to customise the therapy allows the adaptive system to be patented, making the products unique in the electro-magnetotherapy equipment market. Unitekno is awarded ISO 13485 certification in the same year.

The domestic water treatment division is created, with the production of chilled, sparkling and natural water dispensers that do not require installation. A new challenge that leads Unitekno to become one of the major producers in the sector.

Unitekno reaches another important target: the total elimination of plastic packaging from its products. This is an important achievement that testifies to the company’s commitment to an ecologically sustainable economy. The range of medical devices is expanded with TOUCH technology in the same year.

This is the year of Akwa Cup, an innovative product that combines micro-filtered water and quality coffee in one appliance. Launched at the end of the year, its functionality and modern design immediately arouses great curiosity.

With the pandemic, Unitekno decides not to stop, but uses its know-how in the world of cleaning to develop a safe, fast, certified hydrogen peroxide sanitising system that combines steam products with steam vacuum cleaner products. In the medical devices field, the Night System is created, an exclusive set of accessories for nigh time therapy with Magnetoenergy.