In these days we are experiencing a situation of serious water emergency, due to the increasingly rapid climate change. Water, therefore, is becoming an increasingly scarce commodity and it is therefore necessary to preserve it.

It is necessary to pay attention above all to our daily choices, even small precautions can help this drought situation.

We’ve always affirmed that water purifiers are a sustainable choice for the environment, as they allow you to use tap water and avoid further waste of plastic.

However, there are some water purification methods that are less sustainable than others. In fact, the reverse osmosis system involves a great waste of water, a real contradiction if we talk about economic savings, respect for the environment and its resources. For every litre of “osmosised” water, there is between 2 and 10 litres of waste water.

This means that a person who drinks about 2 litres of water a day wastes 10 to 30 litres. Applying this figure to an entire family, we arrive at a significant and alarming amount, both environmentally and economically.

Microfiltration systems, on the other hand, are a much more sustainable and economical choice, since the amount of water supplied is the same that passes through the filtering systems. There is therefore no waste and savings are truly guaranteed.

Unitekno has always designed products with respect for the environment and its resources, valuing nature and its elements to improve people’s lives.

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