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Unitekno becomes increasingly eco-sustainable with the natural gas R600a

From 2nd November Unitekno water dispensers become even more eco-sustainable with the introduction of the new refrigerant R600a

A very low impact on the planet and no damage to the ozone layer, these are the characteristics of the new natural gas R600a which will be used in Unitekno water dispensers from November.

The R600a gas, in fact, has one of the lowest environmental impact indexes (only 3 GWP, Global Warming Potential) and doesn’t damage the ozone layer (ODP Ozone Depletion Potential), thus representing an extremely respectful solution for the planet.

As well as being environmentally friendly, the refrigerant also provides technological benefits, with its excellent cooling performance helping to ensure a pure, healthy and fresh water at all times.

The new gas will be installed in the Akwa Top and Akwa Invisible products, the two purifiers that deliver cold, still and sparkling micro-filtered water.

In this way, choosing a Unitekno water dispenser means not only avoiding the use of plastic bottles, but also reducing the impact on the Planet of the dispensers themselves.

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With Unitekno water dispensers you can have still, cold and sparkling purified water, thus eliminating the use of plastic bottles that are harmful to us and the environment.