Plastic is the "new coal"

The October 2021 report of the Beyond Plastics project found that greenhouse gas emissions from the plastics industry in the US could exceed those associated with the coal industry by 2030.

Therefore, although about 65% of coal plants are closing, it could still happen that the pollution due to the use of plastic reaches and even exceeds the coal one.

What is alarming is not only the pollution due to plastic bottles, waste or microplastics dispersed in the sea, but the actual plastic production chain. In fact, according to the Beyond Plastics Report, the production process consists of 10 critical processing phases in which there are a greater emission of greenhouse gas. For example, the hydrofracking phase lead to drill the ground to obtain natural gas and petroleum, has the side effect of releasing methane, a gas considered 25 times more harmful than CO2. Other substantial polluting phases are the materials import-export, the products to “foam plastic insulation”, the chemical recycling processes of plastic, the urban incinerators and the sea pollution.

Globally, according to the WWF, in the last year the production and incineration of plastic has caused the emission of 850 million tons of greenhouse gas, which in 2050 could become almost 3 billion.

Considering these data and in the light of future projections, the need to reverse this deleterious greenhouse gas pollution trend clearly emerges. In everyday life we ​​can choose to change our habits and reduce the consumption of plastic. This is why choosing Unitekno water dispensers turns out to be an environmentally sustainable and healthier alternative.

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