According to the Plastic Rivers and Plastic Oceans UK reports, plastic bottles are the largest source of waste in Europe waters, an alarming fact that leads us to change our habits and drink microfiltered water

Plastic Rivers by Earthwath Europe and Plastic Oceans UK reports revealed that plastic bottles are by far the most prevalent waste in European rivers and streams, accounting for 14% of total pollution, followed by food wrappers (12%) and cigarette butts (8%).

The research focused on freshwater, as this is where the waste accumulates and ends up in the seas and oceans, contributing to the more than 8 million tonnes of plastic that on average end up in the world’s waters every year.

This is an alarming figure that requires us to change our habits as soon as possible to prevent there being more plastic in the sea than fish by 2050.

Plastic is a huge problem for the environment and the bottles, which are still widespread end up in our seas, where they take over 450 years to decompose.

But it is possible to change the situation, starting with small gestures such as drinking microfiltered tap water.

With Unitekno water dispensers you can have still, cold and sparkling purified water, thus eliminating the use of plastic bottles that are harmful to us and the environment.