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Magnetoenergy for the recovery of 7-time middle-distance champion Giulia Alessandra Viola

A new testimony to the effectiveness of Magnetoenergy. The athlete Giulia Alessandra Viola is using the ME3300 device with great benefit.

A new prestigious testimonial for Magnetoenergy. Giulia Alessandra Viola, Italian middle distance runner, winner of 7 Italian titles and 9 youth titles and finalist 4 times at the European Championships in the 1500, 3000 and 5000 metres, has used the device with great benefits.

Giulia discovered running almost by chance, at school, and from competitions between classmates in the high school gymnasium she soon moved on to the running tracks where, in a few years, she won the Italian championships and reached the finals in Europe.
Between an indoor race and an outdoor qualification, her sporting career were successfull until an Achilles tendon injury forced her to have a double surgery in 2015 and 2017 and many relapses that forced her to take long breaks whenever she tried to return to the track.
A situation that led her to stop her activity until she discovered Magnetoenergy. “I was very discouraged after the umpteenth episode and it was then that a friend of my father’s recommended the ME3300 device, which he himself had used with positive effects”. With daily sessions of magnetotherapy, within a week Giulia can return to training and after two weeks she is fully recovered.
“Every time I tried to exercise, my heel would swell and become extremely painful. I tried different devices and solutions, but I didn’t get any benefit. With Magnetoenergy it was different. Right from the start I felt a relief in terms of pain and within a few days the swelling also went down”.

Now Giulia is ready to run again. With the ATLetica club of which she is a member, she is now preparing to return to her pre-injury level and, who knows, even to something more.

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