Our food can also have a high environmental impact, so it is necessary to know which products produce the most CO2 emissions. Let’s see together what they are:

According to a study carried out by the FAO in collaboration with the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, the food sector contributes more than one third of global gas emissions, reaching 34% of carbon dioxide emissions.

Most of these emissions are attributable to food production processes. It is therefore necessary to make some changes to our eating behavior.

The food with the highest environmental impact is meat, especially red meat, due to intensive farming. One solution for our shopping is to reduce consumption, but also to choose carefully where to buy these products. It is always recommended to prefer local producers or small area breeders.

Another extremely polluting category is food imported by air, such as exotic fruit, or fruit and vegetables from a country other than your own.

Foods such as mango, avocado and passion fruit make long journeys before arriving in the supermarket where we buy them, it is always better to prefer local and seasonal fruit.

In addition, always prefer organic products instead of conventional ones, as they have more ethical and sustainable production processes.

These choices, in addition to helping our planet, will allow you to have a healthy diet.

Unitekno has always cared about the future of our planet. In fact, with our dispensers, the CO2 emission in the air caused by the production of water bottles has dropped by over 4 million kg.

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