Flavoured waters for summer season: from fruit to aromatic herbs

With the beginning of summer and the hotter temperatures, hydration is extremely important. A way to make our water even more refreshing is with the addition of fruit and aromatic herbs!

Here are some tips on how to flavour your water:

The first method to flavor our water is surely with lemon juice, a sour fruit that mixes perfectly with the freshness of water and has several benefits. Lemon has multiple purifying and antioxidant properties, which make it the perfect ally in the warmer months.
You can replace the lemon with other citrus fruits, such as lime or grapefruit.

Another idea is water with mint, which with its freshness is also ideal for other recipes and cocktails. A few leaves in our water are enough to make it a summer and refreshing drink.
Even berries can be a creative idea to make our drink even more tasty. Raspberries, blueberries and currants give a delicate sweetness to our water releasing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutritional properties.

These advices, besides being delicious, are a good method to drink more water during the day!

The real secret to making our favorite flavored drinks is the use of microfiltered water, as it does not have any unpleasant flavors, due to chlorine and other substances released from the pipes. Microfiltered water is always pure and good to drink and can enhance the flavors of our favorite drinks.

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