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Discover all the bottles you can live without with Unitekno products

With Unitekno products you can forget bottles and flacons and take care of your home and the Planet

Did you know that you can eliminate bottles and flacons from your daily life?
Bottles and flacons are among the most common forms of pollution. They accumulate in the home, taking up space in cupboards and shelves, and soon end up in the rubbish to be disposed of.

But are they really necessary? With Unitekno you can live without bottles and flacons. How?

With steam and steam vacuum cleaner you can remove dirt and stains. Thanks to the power of high temperature, you sanitise every surface, eliminating the purchase of detergents and chemicals that, besides being harmful for your health create a layer on which dust and dirt concentrate more easily, forcing you to clean more frequently.

What about water bottles? Thanks to Unitekno dispensers you can say goodbye to bottled water with innovative systems that improve your tap water even without the need to connect to the water mains. So you eliminate the weight of bottles and have natural, cold and sparkling water for all tastes to use both for drinking and cooking.

Analgesics are also among the products to be disposed of. With magnetotherapy medical devices for physical rehabilitation, you can treat various pathologies and all forms of pain naturally, safely and without drugs.

Discover all the bottles you live without with Unitekno products!

With Unitekno products you can eliminate bottles and flacons from your daily life