April slumbers, but better do it on a clean and sanitized mattress!

Here are some practical ways to effectively remove dust, germs and stains

With the spring arrival, we prepare for the deep house cleaning. However, there is a type of cleaning that should be done regularly which is often underestimated or postponed: the mattress cleaning. In fact, every day we spend about 8 hours in bed and dead cells, dust and dirt tend to accumulate in the mattress. In addition, some factors that contribute to the proliferation of mites, insects invisible to the naked eye, are humidity and body heat. If you do not carry out a deep and frequent cleaning of the mattress, you risk jeopardizing the sleep quality, the health of those who sleep and triggering annoying allergies, respiratory problems and dermatitis. But don’t worry, there are different systems for cleaning the mattress, both with natural remedies and with the help of steam and vacuum cleaning. Let’s see together what they are!

The first method to clean the mattress naturally and without using chemical detergents is with the help of baking soda. In fact, this traditional “grandmother’s remedy” works on the mattress both diluted in water and dry, suitable for removing stains, sanitizing and bad odors. Just act on the affected area by applying the diluted bicarbonate with a spray or sprinkling it in powder directly on the mattress surface. After leaving it on for a few hours, remove any residue and traces of baking soda from the bed with a vacuum cleaner. Other natural remedies against mites and dirt that lurks in the bed are treatments based on white wine vinegar, lemon, eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil to be passed on the mattress using a clean cloth.

If home remedies do not fully satisfy you and you want a thorough and lasting cleaning, you can rely on the sanitizing action of steam cleaners with suction. In fact, the steam high temperature kills the mites and dissolves the dirt and the suction removes them together with the humidity that is soaked in the bed. The combination of these two actions is essential for deeply sanitizing the mattress and preventing the onset of allergies and dermatitis. Try to use the steamer once a week and be sure to put the sheets back on only when the mattress is completely dry to prevent moisture and mold from forming. You can use the steam and suction machines on both sides of the mattress, on the edges and along the seams, reaching even the most uncomfortable and unreachable points.

The cleaning methods described above are accompanied by precautions to be followed even daily, to preserve the cleanliness just obtained and the good health of the mattress. First of all, remember to let the mattress air out daily by opening the windows and exposing it to the sun if possible. Another secret is to not make the bed immediately after getting up because body heat creates humidity in the bed and can favor the proliferation of mites, so always better let it air first. It is also good practice to change the sheets at least once a week and to wash the mattress cover and pillowcase frequently. Finally, it should be remembered that the mattress life is estimated around 10 years, so if yours exceeds this age it is advisable to replace it.

Unitekno steam and suction machines are ideal for helping you clean the mattress in a natural, simple and fast way. In fact, Unitekno machines allow you to use the power of the steam high temperature to dissolve dirt, eliminate nightmare stains and disinfect the bed by neutralizing mites, germs and bacteria.

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