Condizioni Generali di Vendita

General Terms and Conditions

Please read the general conditions carefully before using the App.
The App allows you to remotely monitor your Unitekno water purifier by accessing information, details through your mobile device.
These conditions govern the use of the App.
By accessing and using the App or any of its features, you confirm that you have carefully read and accepted this document.
We recommend that you keep a copy of this document for any future reference.
Acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions is mandatory in order to use the App.

The App is owned and operated by
Unitekno S.r.l.
Via F. Fedeli 27
Foligno (PG)
Owner’s email address:

User and access restrictions
The App is intended for personal use only.
To use the App, it is necessary to register and create your own account. Use of the App requires access to the Internet and/or a mobile connection for smartphones, the costs of which are linked to the contract in place with each provider of such connections.

Minimum functional requirements
Listed below are the minimum functional requirements that the device must have in order to allow the installation and optimal functioning of the App.
Smartphone operating system: iOS, Android

App Registration
Use of the App is subject to registration.
Access credentials must be kept by the user.

App Functionality
The App allows you to monitor and operate activities remotely on your Unitekno device After logging in, the user will be able to select the system of interest and connect it, giving access to other users.
Once the system has been selected, it will be possible to proceed to display the status of the device with regard to: filter, CO2 cylinder, sanitisation.
View information and details on: water consumption, economic savings and contribution to environmental protection.
Purchase consumables and accessories.
Access manuals, video tutorials and product support.

App Main Interfaces
The main interfaces of the App are defined as follows:
LOGIN (screen for logging in or registering to the App)
USER HOME (screen to access information on product status and consumption)
ASSISTANCE (screen to receive product support)
STORE (screen to access the shop and purchase consumables, accessories, new products)
SETTINGS (screen to access and change settings)

The user may access any part of the App in accordance with the terms of use of the App.
The user may not copy, distribute, transmit, modify or in any way tamper with the material contained in the App.

Data protection and privacy policy
Personal data and other information about you will only be used in accordance with the privacy policy. Please read the policy carefully. By downloading the App you consent to the use of this information in accordance with the privacy policy.

Responsibility for the choice of the app
The user acknowledges to have previously provided, under its full responsibility and at its own risk, a careful and accurate examination of the functionalities, the technical-operative modalities, the characteristics and the minimum functional requirements of the App, as well as the risks deriving from the use of the same, accepting said services without reservation and recognising them as suitable for its needs, as of now releasing Unitekno S.r.l. from any responsibility.

Use of the services
The user undertakes to use the services in compliance with their characteristics and technical specifications and in accordance with the provisions of the present conditions, as well as in compliance with the laws, regulations and customs in force. The user also undertakes not to use the services in an improper manner and to inform Unitekno S.rl. without delay of any improper use of the same by third parties of which it may become aware.

User’s liability
The user shall be exclusively liable for the correct and continuous functioning of the Internet and/or telephone connectivity used by the same for the performance of the services covered by the contract.
Lastly, the user shall be exclusively responsible for the manner in which he/she will concretely use the services and for the correctness of the data entered by him/her and/or in any case supplied to use said services, undertaking to promptly carry out all the control activities contractually assigned to him/her, both prior and subsequent to each service supplied.

Disclaimer of liability
Except as provided by law, Unitekno S.r.l. will not recognize any warranty, expressed or implied, regarding the operation and use of the App and all products accessed through the App. The User acknowledges and agrees that he/she uses the App at his/her own risk and that he/she is solely responsible for any damage to the device through which the App is accessed, such as loss of data or otherwise that may result from downloading, accessing or using the App.
Except as provided by law, Unitekno S.r.l. in no case can be held responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, special or consequential, expenses, loss of profit or any other damage suffered by the user in relation to the use of the App.

Changes to the functioning of the App
Unitekno S.r.l. may change the format and content, in whole or in part, of the App, at any time, including (but not limited to) removing features or functionality of the App.
Unitekno S.r.l. may suspend the operation of this App, or some of its features or functionality, for maintenance, in order to update the content or for any other reason.
Updates to the App may be issued from time to time through dedicated channels. The user may not be able to use all or part of the App before downloading the latest version and accepting any new terms of use.

Transfer of rights
Unitekno S.r.l. may transfer its rights and obligations hereunder to any of its subsidiaries or affiliates. Any such transfer shall not affect the rights or obligations of Unitekno S.r.l.

Each of the clauses or sub-clauses hereof shall operate separately. If a court or competent authority decides that any of them is illegal or unenforceable, the remaining clauses or sub-clauses shall remain in full force and effect.

Unitekno S.r.l. reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend and/or terminate the account and/or to prevent – even partially – the access to the App or to any functionality of the same in the presence of an alleged abnormal use and/or in violation of these General Conditions, without prior notice and without any liability towards the user.

Changes to the General Conditions
Unitekno S.r.l. reserves the right to modify the General Conditions at any time and without prior notice, with effect from the moment of publication of the modified conditions.
In the event that the General Conditions are modified, the user will be asked to accept the conditions when using the app for the first time; any subsequent use of the app will constitute express acceptance of these modified conditions of use.

Rev. 001 EN 06.05.2024