8 million tons of plastic in the environment due to the pandemic

Among the many consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic there are not only the countless victims, the economic and social crisis but also a considerable increase in environmental pollution caused by plastic. This is what emerges from a study conducted by the University of Nanchino in China and the University of California in the United States. The report underlines that 8 million tons of plastic have been released into the environment since the virus appeared until last summer. The scholars add that the amount of plastic escaped disposal fluctuates between 4,4 and 15,1 million tons. According to the research, the vast majority of plastic comes from hospitals (about 87,4%), followed by personal protective equipment (7,6%) and finally the increase in online shopping with the use of countless packaging (4,7 %). The geographical areas that use more plastic without properly disposing of it are Asia (46%) followed by Europe (24%) and North and South America (22%).

The report states that “unfortunately, the treatment of plastic waste has not kept pace with the increase in demand. Unmanaged waste is then discharged into the environment and part of it reaches the ocean “. In fact, according to research, 25,9 thousand tonnes of plastic end up in the oceans through major rivers, heavily impacting ecosystems and life in the seas. Of most concern is the Arctic area as it represents a dead end for the transport of debris (a circumpolar zone of plastic accumulation is expected to form by 2025).

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