Dust is made up by many different sized particles that can be hazardous to our health: those smaller than 10 Pm can penetrate our airways, while those smaller than 2.5 Pm can enter our lung alveoli. The Unitekno 919 DUAL incorporates an innovative, patented filter system that traps even the smallest and most difficult to capture dust particles. Air is conveyed through two completely independent water filters. These extraordinary results make the 919 Dual ideal for cleaning places that require special hygienic standards (medical and dental offices, food laboratories, places frequented by people suffering from allergies or respiratory conditions).
Technical ID C500A - 919
Supply voltage 230v 50Hz
Input - boiler  1.400 W
Input - iron  850 W
Total maximum power  2.600 W
Water capacity - boiler   1,1 l l
Steam capacity - boiler  1,5 l
Maximum pressure  4,8 bar (480kPa)
Boiler technology automatic filling
Maximum vacuun  2.500 mm H2O
Filtering system  Dual Water Filter